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2021: CVMA Supports ARPA Accelerated Vision Care Response

2021: CVMA Supports ARPA Accelerated Vision Care Response

CVMA coalition supports a request for American Rescue Plan Act federal funding for the Accelerated Vision Care Response championed by Representative Barber. The funding aims to address the increase in child vision deficits and inequities in eye care created by the pandemic. If approved, the funding will equitably facilitate children to eye care in communities most impacted by the pandemic by providing

  • Updated vision screening kits for all schools in Massachusetts
  • Updated vision screening training materials, staff training programs and culturally-appropriate parent and professional resources
  • Facilitated coordination of referrals to eye care professionals in communities most impacted by COVID-19: Provide 6 trained, multi-lingual care-coordinators, based regionally
  • Development of an Advisory Council of stakeholders to address children’s vision and disparities in eye care across the Commonwealth: This council would consult with and advise on the operation and evaluation of children’s vision and eye health, especially addressing gaps in resources and care.

Download the template support letter

August 2018 to December 2019:

The Special Commission on Children’s Vision and Eye Health convened. Recommendations to be released.

2017: (November): Special Commission on Childhood Vision and Eye Health established

The commission shall study children’s vision care and quality, including (i) vision screening, (ii) eye examinations and appropriate preventative measures and (iii) develop recommendations for ensuring screenings for all children.  The commission shall review the commonwealth’s success at preventative measures, including screening, and treating all of its children for vision impairments and eye disease and identify populations that do not receive screening, eye examinations or necessary related treatments.

2017: (October) CVMA Advocacy Day.

The Massachusetts legislature voted to establish a Special Commission on Children’s Vision and Eye Health.

2017: (April) Amendment SD1517

DPH establish a Special Commission on Childhood Vision and Eye Health.

2017: (January) H 3224/S1219

  1. DPH Establish and maintain a statewide vision registry with results of screening and eye exam; and
  2. DPH establish a Special Commission on Childhood Vision and Eye Health

2015: HB1886; HB429

The Department of Public Health shall issue a report relating to vision screening for children entering kindergarten.

2013: S1672 An Act Relative to the Save Our Children’s Sight Fund.

To establish a Trust, funded through a Registry of Motor Vehicle “check-off” to build a system of coordinated eye health services to children in Massachusetts

2004: Chapter 181, An Act Relative to Eye Examinations for Children