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Ask About Vision Video

The purpose of the Public Service Announcement, Ask About Vision, is to highlight the importance of vision as a critical part of child development and learning with a message that promotes the importance of vision screening, eye exams, and follow up care and treatment for children throughout childhood. The Coalition thanks: the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation for its generosity in supporting the project; the Northshore Education Consortium; Specialized Pediatric Eye Care, Beverly, MA; the Stamatopoulos Family; Tom Miller; Danielle Ledoux, MD; Catherine Johnson, OD; Leonardo J. Guerrero, Visto Creative; and Erik Brown. Distribution of this Public Service Announcement (English and Spanish), and a longer version video, are welcomed. Please contact Jen Zolkos:  [email protected]

Ask About Vision: 30 second PSA

Ask About Vision: 3 minute PSA