Children’s Vision Massachusetts Members “Visit” Capitol Hill

In late February, coalition members attended the annual advocacy event “Eyes on Capitol Hill” sponsored by Prevent Blindness. Over two days, CVMA advocates informed members of Congress about children’s vision and eye health, emphasizing the importance of early identification of vision problems. CVMA members told their vision stories, encouraging Congress to work toward policies such as comprehensive tracking that support early access to appropriate interventions and vision trea
tments before the condition progresses.
We thank our CVMA members as well as the staff of Senators Warren and Markey, Representatives Moulton, Pressley, Auchincloss and Trahan for our lively discussions!
This year, we advocated for the appropriation of $5 million dollars to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)’s Eye Vision and Health Program and $4 million for Glaucoma.

 This funding would allow the CDC to conduct critically needed national surveillance of devastating eye diseases and conditions, determine where gaps in access to care exist, and partner with states and communities to improve vision and eye health at the state, local, or systems level. 

FY 2021 Vision and Eye Health Organizational Sign-On Letter-House of Representatives

FY 2021 Vision and Eye Health Organizational Sign-On Letter-Senate