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The Public Service Announcement, Ask About Vision, was created with funds awarded to the Children’s Vision Massachusetts Coalition by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation. The purpose of the PSA is to highlight the importance of vision as a critical part of child development and learning with a message that promotes the importance of vision screening, eye exams, and follow up care and treatment for children throughout childhood. Actors in the video are playing themselves – as parents, children, teacher and eye doctor. The locations are also real, the Northshore Education Consortium and Specialized Pediatric Eye Care, both in Beverly, MA. The Coalition would like to thank the Stamatopoulos Family; Tom Miller, Program Director, Northshore Education Consortium, Beverly; Danielle Ledoux, MD, and Catherine Johnson, OD, Specialized Pediatric Eye Care, Beverly; Leonardo J. Guerrero | President-Creative Director | Visto Creative; and his colleague Erik Brown for sharing their talents and stories. The Coalition also thanks the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation for its generosity in supporting the project. Ideas and assistance regarding distribution of this Public Service Announcement (English and Spanish), and a longer version video, are welcomed. Please contact Priscilla Kelangi [email protected] for further information.