Eyes that Thrive in School

2011 Healthy Eyes Healthy People® State Association Grants (Massachusetts)
Administered by the American Optometric Association (AOA) and Optometry Cares® –The AOA Foundation, through grant from Luxottica

Key Message: The optimal time to treat vision conditions, including amblyopia, conditions leading to amblyopia and significant refractive errors, is during the preschool years. Diagnosis of a vision condition is only useful if a child is able to access and participate in treatment.  School based education, communication, advocacy, facilitation and supervision of vision interventions can link parents, pediatricians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, teachers and health managers to have a positive impact on visual outcomes for children.

Outcome:  93% compliance to vision intervention of children enrolled in the study (eyeglasses and other treatment); Qualitative measures: success for children and parents; support from multidisciplinary team; new concepts: Vision Action Plan; Two Pair (glasses for school, glasses for home); new policies for school compliance; elevate awareness of importance of vision.

Outreach to Families

Outreach to Families through MA Dept. of Early Education and Care Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grantees

A program to educate and equip grantees across the state so that they can guide parents regarding children’s vision and facilitate and advocate for children in need of vision care.  Resources and information utilized by home visiting program staff, parent education programming staff, and parent-child playgroup discussion leaders creates a network of early education professionals prepared to support healthy eye development in high risk young children.