Mass Health Plans:

Family Assistance


Care Plus

Common Health

  • One comprehensive eye exam, by an eye doctor, each year
  • When ordered by eye doctor, additional eye exams during same year
  • Eyeglasses ordered by the eye doctor
  • Replacement eyeglasses if child loses or breaks glasses- NO LIMIT on #


When ordering eyeglasses:

It may take 1-2 months for the eyeglasses to be ready so the eyeglasses should be ordered as soon as possible.  The child/family must return to the eyeglasses store that the eyeglasses were ordered to pick them up so that the optician can check for fit, and make sure the lenses are correct. Policies and procedures in eyeglass stores are established by Mass Health and do not differ between stores.


To re-order eyeglasses that have been lost or broken:

Child, parent, health manager, school nurse or other advocate, should call the store where the lost/broken eyeglasses were obtained and report that the glasses are lost or broken and ask that another pair be ordered. Or, take prescription to an eyeglass store that accepts Mass Health insurance and reorder the eyeglasses.  If it has been less than one year since the first pair was ordered, the same frame choice as lost or broken eyeglasses will be used.  If it has been more than one year since the first pair was ordered, the child should have a comprehensive eye exam before re-ordering the eyeglasses to be sure the prescription is correct.


For children with private insurance that does not have an eyeglass benefit:

IF a child has private insurance that does not include a benefit for eyeglasses AND is on a free/reduced lunch program AND has a prescription for eyeglasses that is one year old or less assistance for free eyeglasses is available by contacting Priscilla Kelangi, [email protected] at Prevent Blindness.