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Vision Problems Signs and Symptoms

Vision disorders are the most common disabling condition of childhood; about 1 in 20 preschoolers and 1 in 4 school age children has a vision problem.

Vision assessment, screening and eye examinations are the only way to understand how well a child sees and includes:

  • Birth  to three years-eye assessment by PCP including ocular history, assessment of lids, ocular motility, pupils and red reflex
  • Age three years through  high school-add  screening using approved devices and protocols

Children born prematurely, or who are diagnosed with developmental delay are more likely to have vision problems. The MA Preschool Vision Law provides direction for this group: An Act Relative to Eye Examinations for Children, 2004: Within 30 days of start of K, child must show pass on vision screen or proof of eye exam conducted in previous 12 months. 

Children with Neurodevelopmental delay, and children who fail the vision screening, are referred for a comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

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Massachusetts Preschool Vision Program Legislation

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