Children with Special Needs

  • Children born prematurely, or who have developmental delay or other special needs, are more likely to have vision problems.
  • The FIRST STEP in vision care is a comprehensive eye exam. Vision disorders are the most common disabling condition of childhood.
  • Children with vision problems may not complain that it is hard  to see because they do not know what normal vision is.
  • Eye examinations are often the only way for parents and others to understand how well a child sees.
  • Many children with vision problems are undiagnosed and untreated; some  untreated vision conditions will lead to permanent vision loss.

Vision Problems Signs and Symptoms

Taking Action

The Massachusetts Preschool Vision Law  states that children with Neurodevelopmental delay, and are referred for a comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist  or optometrist.

Vision clinic for children with developmental disabilities

MCPHS Eye and Vision Center

10 Lincoln Square in Worcester, MA

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